December 15, 2020

BBR To-Go Episode 5: Brian and Elizabeth O’Kelley

In honor of their 20th Anniversary, BBR Partners introduces BBR To-Go: Conversations about Wealth Management and more.

Episode 5 – Is a conversation between Sarah Coyne, Partner and Director of Portfolio & Wealth Advisory, and Brian and Elizabeth O’Kelley.

Brian is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, and angel investor. Among many other ventures, he co-founded AppNexus in 2007 and was the company’s CEO and Chairman through its $1.6B sale to AT&T in 2018. Elizabeth is a psychotherapist with a practice centered on faith and spirituality.

Brian and Elizabeth first discuss how they’re tackling work/life balance in the pandemic, and what it’s like to start a business in the new normal. They next move on to the subject of sustainability. Lastly, Sarah, Brian and Elizabeth focus on Diversity Equity & Inclusion, an issue that they have been focused on for years.

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